After Applying

A few additional steps still need to be completed after you submit your online application before you are enrolled in the SNU ISP program. Here is an overview of what happens after SNU ISP receives your application, and what is required of you in order to complete your registration and enrollment for the SNU ISP program.

Step 1. Enrollment offer and Program fee invoice

  1. Your application will be reviewed by SNU ISP and an enrollment offer and program fee invoice will be sent to successful candidates via email within five business days, Seoul time.
  2. The enrollment offer is only valid if the program fees are paid within the payment deadline (See Calendar).
  3. Please note that on-campus housing (SNU dormitory) is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis for students who complete program fee payment. Program fee payment within the payment deadline does not guarantee that you will be allotted a spot for on-campus housing, so if you wish to stay at the SNU dormitory, it is highly recommended that you complete payment of program fees well in advance of the payment deadline.

Step 2. Payment of program fees

  1. You are required to make payment within the payment deadline (See Calendar). For payment procedure, see Fees and Payment.
  2. If you submitted your online application before the early registration deadline but fail to make payment of program fees by the early registration deadline, a new program fee invoice will be issued to you which reflects the withdrawal of application fee exemption.

Step 3. Letter of admission

  1. Once SNU ISP receives and confirms your payment of program fees, you will be sent an official letter of admission via email.
  2. Students whose nationalities require a visa to enter and stay in Korea for the duration of the program will be contacted individually by SNU ISP to assist with visa acquirement (See Visa).

Step 4. Course registration

  1. Guidelines on how to register for courses will be sent to you via email one week before the course registration period (See Calendar).
  2. You need to create an account at SNU's portal website using information sent to you by SNU ISP in order to register for courses, so it is essential that you read and follow the guidelines carefully and as soon as you receive the email.

Step 5. Arrive at SNU

We look forward to meeting you at SNU ISP!